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Whether you are an Individual, a Couple, or a business such as a Studio, Event Company, Promotional Sponsors, a Resort or Club, your Membership is welcomed to hire our Models / Escorts. Only registered Employer Members can contact our Escorts / Models.


The other Class of Members are the Female and Male Porn Stars. They as Members may place them; “Hire An Escort” posts on our website. Below are our three guidelines for everyone’s safety and success!!.

1st We must ensure that no sex trafficking of minors or adults is happening on our web site. This is why everyone whether you are an Employer Member or a Model / Escort, everyone must join the Society, which verifies you are who you say you are, for everyone’s safety.

2nd Our Society is here to promote our Escorts / Models, so that they earn a very lucrative livelihood, and that our Employer Members desires of enjoying the very best of Porn video productions, is attained here, with the most cooperative and skilled Escorts / Models in the World.

3rd We do everything to ensure that our Employer Members and our Escorts / Models are always safe and enjoy their experiences 100%.


Escorts / Models may be hired for private auditions and tryouts, rehearsals, script development sessions, and to shoot live videos. They can be hired hourly, a half day, or full day, and any other arrangement can be made directly with the individual Escorts / Models. They are all in business for themselves and make their own business arrangements.

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